Why is YELP an unfair service to small business owners like myself?


no yelp no go
no yelp.. a  no go!


I first found out about YELP because a massage client of mine had forwarded an e-mail to me saying that they had posted a nice review of my massage business on YELP. I thought fine that’s nice of them to do that.  I did not think much of it because I had never heard of Yelp. Over the years I’ve worked on thousands of massage clients and as the years passed other clients of mine posted nice reviews about me on Yelp and other review sites on the internet without me knowing about it,  which was very nice of them to do.

Then one day I started getting calls from Yelp from a very persistent sales representative trying to sell me advertising. The sales representative from Yelp was downright pushy and rude and kept calling me and leaving me messages. After a few months, the phone calls finally stopped.

Some months later a massage client called me and told me that they had posted a review on Yelp and their reviews on Yelp were being filtered off of Yelp. Later, another client’s called me and said that they had tried to post a nice review on Yelp and that Yelp had filtered out their posts. I signed up on Yelp and logged onto my Yelp account to see what was going on and sure enough, most of the reviews had been filtered out for some reason. Recently, all the reviews that had been posted on Yelp for my business had all been deleted?

To be fair to Yelp, in the past, some new clients have been referred to me from their website.  But for me, it seems that Yelp is a scam and all they want is my advertising dollars. If they don’t get that I guess they filter you out.  Whatever the reason for Yelp filtering my reviews, when nice people have taken their time to write a review and their voice cannot be heard because of Yelp’s greed there is something very wrong with that. My vote is that YELP sucks and is just interested in your greenbacks.


Pro Massage by Nicola, LMT Specializing in Sports Injuries, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Ca.
Pro Massage by Nicola, LMT Specializing in Sports Injuries, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Ca.
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Nicola of Riktr Pro Massage is a practicing licensed insured professional LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and fine artist based in Santa Barbara, CA. Nicola has a wide range of female and male clients, including athletes, professionals, housewives, artists, landscapers, out of town visitors, people who are retired and students.

Don’t do Yelp – Read Why!


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