Dimensions of Pain During Massage

Dimensions of Pain






What are the dimensions of pain?
Pain has seven dimensions, or core aspects: physical, sensory, behavioral, sociocultural, cognitive, affective, and spiritual.
How do you measure the quality of pain?
Nurses can help patients more accurately report their pain by using these very specific PQRST assessment questions:
  1. P = Provocation/Palliation. What were you doing when the pain started? …
  2. Q = Quality/Quantity. What does it feel like? …
  3. R = Region/Radiation. …
  4. S = Severity Scale. …
  5. T = Timing. …
  6. Documentation.
What are the components of pain?
  • Sensory discriminative component: Analysed in the brain according to site, intensity, duration, and nature.
  • Emotional component: Pain is associated with a greater or lesser degree with emotions, such as anxiety, aversion, or helplessness.
  • Autonomic component: …
  • Motor component: …
  • Cognitive component:


Dimensions of Pain
Dimensions of Pain

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