What is a Meridian Tooth Gum Chart, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meridians (energy channels or pathways), and chi (energy)


Meridian Tooth Chart


Revised and updated to be easier to use, this Tooth Meridian Chart shows you further that the mouth and body are interconnected. Problems in the teeth can have a direct influence on another organ (or organs) in the body.

No matter what you think about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meridians (energy channels or pathways), and chi (energy), you should give this ancient method of diagnosis and treatment a chance. It has been used for thousands of years and is still used and taught to students all over the world.

If you believe in this work or not, take a few seconds to review this meridian tooth chart and see if you notice a link between your teeth and other parts of your body.

Unfortunately, holistic dentistry and looking in the mouth is typically a “last resort” approach to treating chronic illnesses. We at the Center For Natural Dentistry will gladly help people achieve health, though we prefer people to come to us first BEFORE problems or symptoms persist.

Traditional Asian medicine has long maintained that every body part (ie: organs, tissues, glands, etc) is animated by a specific acupuncture meridian (energy channels or pathways). All the meridians run through the teeth or their sockets and in this way each tooth is related to the rest of the body by way of these energy meridians.

This short video explains how there is a two-way relationship such that stresses within the body can manifest in the mouth as toothache (a dying tooth), tooth decay or gum disease or how the reverse is also true so that oral health issues can influence the internal organs via the associated energy meridian. 2 mins

Then, the interactive tooth-meridian chart below is designed to help you determine the possible cause of dental issues and also to work out which organ systems (meridians) may be stressed and requiring support. On selecting a tooth, the related body parts will be shown, thereby enabling you to establish potential links between dental and systemic health issues.






Just go to these links and click a tooth below to see which teeth and organs are on the same meridian.  Meridian Tooth Gum Charts, Chinese medicine.






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