In Memory Memoriam Tribute to John Steven Harris ( John Harris ) LMT in Santa Barbara, Ca. 1945-2015, Obituaries.


John working his magic at the SB Marathon with his students
John Harris was my friend and a great bodywork teacher. I met John at BTI. He taught his classes with a sense of humor and was very knowledgeable with a teaching style that was very clear and concise. John was one of the best teachers that I have ever had. He treated all his students equally and I always looked forward to going to his classes. John had x-ray bodywork vision. I remember being in class with him and he was sitting way across the other side of the classroom. We were doing student massage, practicing what he had just taught us. Sitting down he says’s “Nicola put a little more pressure to the left” and I thought to myself that this guy has x-ray vision.  I will always remember him and try my best to live up to his bodywork standards and help keep his bodywork legacy at BTI. We all love you John at BTI and will miss you dearly.

John Steven Harris

1942 – 2015

Adventurer, traveler, and smarter than the president, John Steven Harris aka “Harry” passed with his irreverent sense of humor, incredibly open heart, and wordplay intact to the very end. Kind to the poor and mean to the rich, John’s clever, urbane and wicked acerbic wit brought him and his hundreds of friends immense joy, as he was always his authentic, truth-teller self, never apologetic and fiercely loyal. In that spirit, prior to his passing, John requested that anyone who cherished him do something kind for somebody they normally wouldn’t do something kind for.

Ahead of his time, John was a somatic educator on approaches to physical and emotional pain and has been an ally in the healing process of thousands of people. As a child, his favorite outfit was his bb gun and cowboy hat, and not surprisingly, he was thrown out of University numerous times before graduating. Fluent in Spanish, John traveled extensively in South America, was once shot at, and was almost kidnapped in Morocco. All fodder for future storytelling.

Throughout his storied career, John was a PR professional at a law school; taught countless students chronic myofascial pain relief in workshops around the planet and locally at Body Therapy Institute; was a massage therapist at the ’84 Olympics; created a technique for a barefoot sports massage and co-authored a book called “Fix Pain.”

He is survived by his better brother, a.k.a “the good son”; three natural children who he felt were better looking than he, but not as smart; a faux-da; two ex-wives; his formerly alive dachshunds Hildegard and Heidi and his sparkling sense of humor.

The Master checking up on runner…did I make nice?

Trigger Point Therapy

An Interview with Instructor John Harris

Sunday, April 17, 2011

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