Human Electromagnetic Fields Of Energy

Human Electromagnetic Fields Of Energy

The fundamental basis of life is the electrical fields of energy. Everything in the world, regardless of how dense it is, or whether it is tangible or intangible, is composed of electric charges that interact with other energetic fields (Haisch et al 1994, Hunt 1996). Human beings are not simply biochemical beings, but energetic and informational beings that interact and communicate on a constant basis both within themselves and with their external world (Oschman 2003).

The presence of electrical fields around living things was first studied in the 1940s by Harold S. Burr, a neuroanatomist from Yale University (Burr 1972). He discovered that all sorts of organisms, from molds to salamanders and frogs, to humans, possess an electrical field. He also discovered that the electrical fields change with stages of growth, seasons, sleep versus waking, and between health and disease (McTaggart 2002). In the 1970s and 1980s, the researcher Fritz-Albert Popp was studying the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living systems. What he revealed was that all living things – from the most basic of plants or animals to human beings – emitted a permanent current of photons and that these vibrations of light are a major component of the communication system of the body (Oschman 2003). What he also discovered was that the number of photons that an organism emits is linked to its position on the evolutionary scale and to its degree of health. The more complex and healthy an organism, the fewer photons they emit. Hence, rudimentary animals and plants have a very high frequency of electromagnetic waves, within the visible light range, whereas humans emit many far photons (Popp et al 1992, Hunt 1996).

Both the tangible and the intangible possess an electrical field that emits light. The frequency of electrical fields that correspond to the biochemical and biological processes in the body are detectable as frequencies that belong to one or more radiation bands in the electromagnetic spectrum (Sylver 2008). The electromagnetic spectrum represents the different energy ‘oscillations’ and wave patterns that comprise our known universe. It ranges from the slower-moving, lower-energy electrons of electrical current to the faster-moving, higher energy photons of visible light and other wavelengths.

The different fields of light energy interact and are linked by electromagnetic energy. This interlinking creates a coalesced waveform that holds the properties and qualities of each component and has its own unique vibrating light energy. This ability of waves to interact, to store, and carry information is the means of cell-to-cell communication and occurs in response to internal and external signals (McTaggart 2002, Oschman 2003).

Human beings emit a coalesced light vibration that represents the whole person, and an individual light vibration for each organ system, down to a specific light vibration for each individual cell, tissue, molecule, and atom. The interaction and coalescing of the energetic fields of light establish the foundation for life and for bodily functions. In essence, human beings are simply a networked collection of energy that functions as a unit within a larger sphere of energy. The more a wave pattern manifests as a tangible structure the more slowly it changes; the more intangible, the more quickly it changes. For example, thoughts and moods are intangible and can change very quickly; organs and tissues are tangible, they continually change and regenerate, but more slowly – sometimes to the point of looking fixed in their structure. Because wave patterns hold the accumulation of all the information that they have encountered, they provide the body with the ability to remember how to look and act, to remember past events, and to remember how to perform different tasks (McTaggart 2002). Wave patterns provide a much more complete explanation of how the body is able to manage multiple, complicated tasks in different parts of the body instantaneously.

Nerve impulses are electricity in the body. Human electricity creates human magnetism and electromagnetic energy waves. Nerve impulses travel through the nervous system and brain and are human electricity created by chemical processes in the body. The nervous system is a network of billions of nerve cells called neurons with around 100 billion neurons in the brain itself.

Your body has nerves for movement, brain-nerves for thinking, and nerves of feeling which go to all parts of the outer body. In effect, we have a complete human electricity system throughout the body.

As electricity passes through a metal wire it causes an energy field or magnetic field. In a similar way, human electricity in nerves creates a human magnetic field around the nerves.

The millions of nerve impulses in the body create complex human magnetic fields. The heart creates the largest human energy field which can be measured by instruments.

This image shows input electricity in a wire causing a magnetic field, shown as green spirals. The electromagnetic field encompasses another wire and creates an output electric current. Similarly, the human electromagnetic field can influence other people standing by.

Around some people, you feel hopeful and energized as if they are transferring energy to you. Other people seem to drain energy and depress your mood.

By understanding the process and enhancing your energy you will begin to influence people around you. Become energized and hopeful and people around you will feel this.

Electric force can be turned into different types of energy waves, such as heat radiation, radio waves, and microwaves.

Image from the NASA web site.

The nervous system can create human electric energy waves that can be measured with scientific instruments.

Metaphysics writers explain that certain types of human energy can travel at great speed and distance from the body.

Knowing about human electricity will help you increase your nerve energy

  • Generate more energy in your nervous system
  • Distribute it more efficiently
  • Reduce energy leaks and waste
  • Add force to the human magnetic energy
  • With your mind learn to influence this energy

Metaphysics writers explain that there is a special energy in the human body, they called it human magnetism, life force, vital force, and the human aura.

Our aim is for you to become aware of this special energy and to increase its supply. This extra energy and knowledge of how to use it will help in your spiritual development.

Metaphysics writers explain that the essence of all energy is fundamental energy or spiritual energy and that this exists throughout the Universe.

In the atmosphere of planets fundamental energy transforms into a form of energy that is easily absorbed by all living things. This transformed energy has been called life force or vital force. In the East, they call it prana energy or chi energy.

We absorb life force into our body energy systems, where it is called nerve force, it helps with:-

  • Some forms of psychic healing
  • Thought transference (telepathy)
  • Influence that some people over others
  • Hypnotism / mesmerism
  • Human psychic and mediumistic abilities

Metaphysics and human energy, in brief

  • Spiritual energy is the essence of fundamental energy.
  • Fundamental energy is the essence of all energy know to science and the essence of all matter in the Universe.
  • In the atmosphere fundamental energy transforms into life force energy; also known as a vital force, prana energy, chi energy.
  • Lifeforce prana energy is absorbed into the body energy systems and is the essence of of life, here it is called nerve force.
  • With your mind, it is possible to control the life force and nerve force.

Auras are real

The hard-wiring of patients to instruments we find in critical care hospitals may someday be eliminated by tuning in to a patient’s aura. Scientists in the UK can measure electrical emissions from a person’s breathing and heartbeat utilizing sensors a foot away from the patient—even with electromagnetic energy blasting through the room from various electrical devices. Each of our brains and bodies broadcast unique signals into space and we are affected by energy from our world.

Energy gluing all of us together

Our sense of feeling deceives us to believe each of us is separate from each other and the world out there. Our senses pick up but a trillionth of the energy from our environment. Light enters our eyes and informs us what the light interacted with. Sounds are but the movement of air, taste, and smell are but means of capturing a few molecules, and touch is electrostatic push on nerve receptors. Our senses are continually monitoring minute energy signals. If somehow it was possible to completely shield a person from the energy of our world, catastrophe would strike. A UCLA researcher demonstrated clarity of consciousness and emotions are triggered or impeded by various types of electromagnetic frequencies from our environment. We not only require the energy of the universe we continually emit energy into our surroundings.

We broadcast our essence to the cosmos

Each of us emits unique energy patterns. While the typical electrical frequency in brain activity is between about zero to 30 cps (cycles per second), muscle energy frequencies are about 225 cps and the heart clocks in at about 250 cps. There is a weaker yet verifiable human electrical field outside the body, with frequencies ranging between a hundred and 1,600 cps. Although faint, the energy from every person who ever lived is still radiating through the universe. These are frozen dreams, laughter, sadness, joy, and memories buzzing through the cosmos.

We are one with our world

The Earth is moving about the Sun, the Sun whirling around the Milky Way, and our galaxy zipping through the universe—resulting in our traveling a million miles an hour. In our wake, we broadcast at the speed of light a report of our physical health, our thoughts, and our presence. We are also incorporating information from the universe at every instant. We are one with our world and every aspect of our being will forever mingle with the energies of others and the universe. Do you sense this connection?

The electromagnetic spectrum consists of waves that self-propagate through space. These waves have different wavelengths. The electromagnetic spectrum is the set of all these waves. You can see the image in the form of an electromagnetic wave, it consists of an electric field and a perpendicular magnetic field.

Depending on the wave peaks are closer or more distant, states that the frequency is higher or lower. For acupuncturists the best way to mentally visualize the frequency is thinking of electric stimulation: the electrical stimulation may be selected to have a higher frequency (wave peaks very close to each other) and feel “hits” or successive lower frequencies and feel “hits” more widely spaced.

the shorter the wavelength the higher the frequency and the longer the wavelength the lower the frequency. The human eye detects only a few wavelengths

The electromagnetic spectrum starts with the lowest frequency wave that is called extremely low frequency and has the English acronym ELF (extremely low frequency). Then there is the very low frequency and microwave radiation (which also served to christen an appliance whose success depends on her behalf: microwave!). Soon after coming the infrared, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays (which are the same used in radiography), and gamma rays (used in nuclear medicine studies). Gamma rays have higher frequencies, ie, their wave peaks are very close to each other.

Core Energy Surgery for the Electromagnetic Body

by Jon Whale Ph.D. (more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 15 – October 1996

Gravity and magnetism are examples of force and energy fields that our lives depend on, yet the eye can’t see them. Radio waves, Infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays are all invisible waves that make up the Frequency Spectrum. The human eye is sensitive to a narrow band of frequencies called light.

Surrounding every living person is a vibrating Energy Field. It is an egg-shaped pressure field that contains and characterizes our individual consciousness as distinct from that of others and the universe at large. Other descriptions are the human aura or electromagnetic body. Some scientists call it the unified field.

Fortunately, this field has a very bright, high energy spot on it that the trained eye can ‘see’. This spot is the ‘Stationary Assemblage Point’.

For most healthy people, the idea that ‘How we behave and how we feel’ is beyond our rational control, is preposterous. For those of us, who have experienced a serious physical accident, disease, fever, tragedy, violent intimidation, drug overdose, acute stress, or depression, this idea is acceptable. Under such circumstances, many people undergo a personality change, often accompanied by unfamiliar physical symptoms and illness.

Suffers experience that ‘something’ deep inside them has changed. Although they can remember how they behaved and felt before the incident, it is impossible for them to return to their former self. That indescribable ‘something’ deep inside all of us that can suddenly shift, changing our whole perception of reality including our physical health is the ‘Assemblage Point’.

The Assemblage Point is the vortex of high energy in the Electromagnetic Body. It is the location of the Assemblage Point that ‘dictates’ how we behave, how we feel, and how we ‘see’ the world. Its location influences our conscious reality and greatly affects physical and mental health.

Inside the Core or the energy, body is seven major energy vortexes or meridians. Acupuncture and Ayurvedic Medicine call them Chakras. The locations of these energy vortexes coincide with seven major glands and organs inside the body. The vibrational rate and the energy levels of the chakras influence the functioning and efficiency of their associated organs and glands. Chakras directly influence physical and mental health. A prime requirement before all seven chakras can open or function properly is; correct location and alignment of the Assemblage Point to the physical body.

Every one of us has an Assemblage Point and it is very easy to locate. The procedure for locating and correcting it is quick, simple, and painless. Manipulation of the location of the Assemblage Point can change our state of consciousness, increase our biological energy levels, and improve general health. Familiarity with its location and performing regular adjustments to it can accelerate personal development and improve mental and physical efficiency.

Correct alignment of the Energy Body with the physical body are vital for our physical and mental well-being. Figure 1 shows the correct alignment.

Violence, intimidation, bereavement, shock, accidents, trauma, drugs, toxins, and illness can easily dislocate the energy body’s alignment.

Depending on the severity and direction of the misalignment, various psychological and physical symptoms will be present.

Gross misalignment of the Energy Body is present in depression, various psychotic, and psychological disorders. Drugs and alcohol addiction, toxicity, leukemia, cancer, AIDS, ME, MS, schizophrenia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, coma, Parkinson’s, etc.

It is a simple matter to find out the alignment of a person’s Energy Body by locating the Assemblage Point.

For optimum health and vitality, energies in the left and right sides of the brain are equal, and the Electromagnetic Field equally distributed about the body’s central meridian line. The ideal location for the Stationary Assemblage Point is the central position, shown in Fig 1. In this position balanced biological energy flows around the central nervous system and the many organs and glands function in harmony.

This ideal alignment is rare. With most people, the Assemblage Point will be found entering on the right side of the chest’s central meridian line. This is due to excessive left-brain activity, demanded by today’s stressful lifestyle.


Drugs, Toxins, Illness, accidents, and emotional trauma are the most common causes of misalignment. Once misalignment has occurred, it is very difficult to re-establish the original position by one’s own efforts.

Neither orthodox nor complementary medicine has the knowledge or procedures to correct Electromagnetic Body alignment. Realignment is a simple procedure that takes about one minute to execute.

Misalignment causes mild to serious imbalances of energy distribution in the brain and nervous system, upsetting endocrine and hormone functions. The symptoms directly related to the location and entry angle as in Fig 2. The further the location is outside the shaded area in Fig 2, the more acute the listed symptoms. The symptoms experienced will vary according to the location and the angle of entry. Severe misalignment causes acute disturbances in the functioning of the organs and glands. Eventually, biological damage can occur.

Today, neither psychiatrists, psychologists nor counselors can correct gross misalignment. The alignment of the Electromagnetic Body controls the way we feel, think, and our perception of reality. Correcting alignment is not possible by talking, thinking, or, in acute cases with medication. Therefore the usual method is to employ drugs to relieve or mask the symptoms caused by misalignment.

Shifting the location of the Assemblage Point and adjusting the angle will alter the state of human consciousness.

The Human Electromagnetic Energy Field

Fig 1 The vortex of the energy field is called THE STATIONARY ASSEMBLAGE POINT. The position shown is the location and alignment for optimum mental and physical health (organ and glandular synergy). Large deviations from this location can cause serious health problems.

Fig 1 The vortex of the energy field is called THE STATIONARY ASSEMBLAGE POINT. The position shown is the location and alignment for optimum mental and physical health (organ and glandular synergy). Large deviations from this location can cause serious health problems.


The Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

The Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

Fig 2

1 The shaded area is the location and entry angle for a healthy balanced person
2 Large deviations from the shaded are accompanied with the symptoms listed
3 Locations close to the Critical Line cause acute unease and discomfort
4 When it drops below the Critical Line the energy field collapses and death occurs


Left brain controls right body functions
Left brain is associated with thinking and extrovert activity
Right brain controls left body functions
Right brain is associated with dreaming and introvert activity

Assemblage Point Shift to the Right

Fig 3 Panic, anxiety, anger, violence and sexual deviation

Fig 3 Panic, anxiety, anger, violence and sexual deviation


Assemblage Point Shift Below (Right Side)

Fig 4 Acute physical distress and mental depression

Fig 4 Acute physical distress and mental depression


Assemblage Point Shift to the Left

Fig 5 Melancholia, Fantasy, Delusions, Dreaming

Fig 5 Melancholia, Fantasy, Delusions, Dreaming


Assemblage Point Shift Below (Left Side)

Fig 6 Dementia, Alzheimers, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Etc.

Fig 6 Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Etc.

Assemblage Point location affects brain energy levels and its predominant operating frequencies. The brain frequencies and states of consciousness are: –

1. Assemblage Point locations on the right side of the body (Fig.3) reflect an increase in left-brain activity and Beta brain frequencies (extrovert attention).

2. Conversely, locations on the left body side (Fig 5) reflect in an increase in right brain activity and Theta frequencies (introvert attention).

3. The Central location (Fig 1) reflects balanced brain activity and Alpha [relaxed internal and external attention].

4. Low locations (Fig 4 & 6) reflect low frontal brain energy and low Alpha and Theta frequencies (right=depression left=catatonia).

5. High locations reflect in an increase in frontal brain energy and high Beta frequencies (right=psychosis left=hallucinations).

The Assemblage Point Location and its angle of alignment affect the state of the patient’s consciousness. Manually shifting the Assemblage Point is the fast way back to normality, high biological energy, improved mental and physical health. Realignment should be done as soon as possible to minimise the possibility of physical damage and disease manifesting as a result of long term imbalance in biological energy distribution.

The shift to the right

This is the most commonly found misalignment, symptoms are compulsive mental and physical activity. The medical diagnosis for this location is STRESS. Excessive feelings of anxiety, panic, or anger, are indicators of this location. These are associated with high beta brain-wave frequencies in the left brain. The Assemblage Point moves to the right side of the chest as shown in Fig 3. In Paranoia the location and angle are to the right and down. In mania, the location is high right and the angle is upwards. Manic depression and schizophrenia are associated with oscillations and split in the Assemblage Point location.

Intimidation, worry, overwork, insomnia, Cocaine, LSD, amphetamines, antidepressants, excessive caffeine can drive the stationary assemblage point to the far right. In this position, various physical symptoms medically connected with stress will appear. Energy demands are high and sleep will be problematic. High Beta activity is present. The attention is external and the awareness of the physical body is absent. Locations further to the right cause psychotic behavior that can include violence and sexual deviations. Left brain energy will be high, right-brain low.

From this position, drugs, illness, or emotional trauma can cause complete exhaustion of the nervous system. The Assemblage Point then drops down towards the critical line as shown in Fig 4. I am a disease with this location.

Shifting the Assemblage Point to the center will give immediate back to normal, reducing dependence on drugs.

The shift below

From this location, it is virtually impossible to recover without realignment of the Electromagnetic Field.

This a dangerous, uncomfortable, distressing location. The indications are very low mental and physical energy with acute psychological instability and physiological disturbances. Impaired functions of endocrine glands and organs may develop. Frontal brain energy will below.

With this location, the serious psychiatric or physical illness will often be present. Diseases associated are AIDS, cancer, ME, meningitis, cerebral thrombosis, apoplexy, clinical depression. As the Assemblage Point moves towards the critical line the symptoms worsen. Beta activity will mostly be absent. Distressing feelings and emotions are prevalent. Sympathy, placation, or chastisement does not help.

Toxic material, heavy metals, chemotherapeutic drugs, poisoning, head injury, drugs, attempted suicide, solvent abuse, violent intimidation, physical shock, electric shock, long term exposure to strong electromagnetic and high voltage electrostatic fields, anoxia, infections, and disease can drive the Assemblage Point to this location. Antidepressants will not correct this location.

Shifting the location up and over to the center will immediately alleviate the symptoms. Vibrational levels will increase, more energy will be available even if the physiological disease is present. The natural healing process will accelerate.

The shift to the left

Irrational preoccupation with daydreaming, fantasy, hallucinations, and melancholia are the most common indicators for this location. LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs can cause a shift to the left. Pseudo religious cult brainwashing methods unconsciously shift the location to the left side (Fig 5).

Shifting the Assemblage point to the right of the center will return normal behavior. It will increase left brain energy, Beta frequencies, and rationality.

Senile dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, downs syndrome, coma, are examples where the location will be around the area shown in Fig 6. In the early stages of these diseases, regular checks and correction of the Assemblage Point may slow the progress. Astute doctors and clinicians of the future will reverse these diseases by combining Assemblage Point realignment with other therapies.

Death occurs when the Electromagnetic Field collapses, while the Assemblage is above the navel line then there is hope. At the navel, there is a weak area or Gap in the field. By preventing the Assemblage Point from dropping to the Gap, it should be possible to postpone death.


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PRO Massage by Nicola. LMT
PRO Massage by Nicola. LMT


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