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Massage for Triathletes

Massage for Triathletes

Massage is among the oldest of the healing arts. References to massage and its values go back to the beginnings of recorded history. Among the most widely recognized benefits of massage are:

•Improve your range of motion

•Release of stress

•Relieve your tired feet with Reflexology

• Release of emotional and physical tension

• Reduction or elimination of back pain

• Relief from sore muscles • Relaxation

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Triathlete Massage

Triathlete Massage

My SPECIALTY is “On the Edge” Deep Tissue Massage. I work on a scale of 1 – 10, where 7 is on the edge and 10 is very excruciating pain. Some discomfort is necessary when receiving deep tissue massage to get results.   A lot of my clients handle the deep tissue pain or even like the deep tissue pain in order to get the quickest results for their body type. My style of Deep Tissue Massage releases the body’s natural painkillers whereby it stimulates the release of endorphins, the morphine-like substances that the body manufactures, into the brain and nervous system….kind of like a “Runners High” or a parasympathetic state “rest and digest” of mind.

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Massage for Cyclists, Mountain Bikers

Massage for Cyclists, Mountain Bikers

Whether it’s the Tour de France or Ride the Rockies, cyclists — world-class and otherwise — are learning the lessons of massage for injury prevention, enhanced performance, and faster recovery.

Cycling is a demanding activity, a sport that puts the athlete under stress for prolonged periods, sometimes for several hours at a time. While it is the legs that endure the greatest burden, many muscle groups are involved on a long ride. For these endurance machines, it isn’t enough to ride long one day then give the body plenty of time to recover. Often the rider is back on the saddle again the next day for another prolonged ride. The results can range from fatigued to damaged muscle tissues.

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