Riktr Pro Massage-

Deep tissue massage, or muscle stripping, involves slow, deep, gliding pressure to the fascia along the muscle fibers. It is effective for improving postural alignment, increasing range of motion, breaking up adhesions caused by micro-scarring, injury or surgery, and activating connective tissue regeneration.

Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Shoulder & Arm Pain, Carpal Tunnel Relief, Upper Back, Low Back Spasms, Sciatica, Torso Pain, Hip, Thigh, Hamstring and Calf Injuries, Leg, Knee, Achilles and Foot Pain, Chronic Pain,
Stress Relief, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction and any other injuries or muscle related injuries and pain.

Sports Body Flush,Therapeutic Pain Relief, Santa Barbara, Goleta Ca. Massage, Trigger Point, Riktr Pro Deep Tissue Swedish Massage, Nicola, LMT, 805-637-7482

Nicola (aka – Nick, Chris or Banduechy…so named by his handball buddies) is a California State Licensed and Insured LMT (Licenced Massage Therapist)
Professional BODY WORKER, by APPOINTMENT ONLY, Last Minute Appointments are OK if available.

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